Monday, December 23, 2019

Update of the KingDraw V 2.2.0

KingDraw V2.2.0, which was launched in early December, adds a lot of features, as follows:
1. Increase the Chair Cyclohexane
Add a left and right Chair Cyclohexane to the lower toolbar.

2. Add Ion bond, Dative bond, Hydrogen bond, Wavy bond, Bold double bond, Dashed double bond

Ion bond, Dative bond, hydrogen bond, wavy bond, bold double bond, dashed double bond are added, and the double bond can be pressed to view.

3. Increase Lone Pair, Radical
In the charge tool, Lone Pair and Radicals are added. Press and hold the charge tool to view.

4. Add 3D model display style

On the base of the existing ball-and-stick model, the 3D model display has two more styles of space-filling model and stick-and-stick model.
5. Share file by copy links

Based on the original WeChat and QQ sharing, the direct copy link is added. Users can quickly view the structure through the link.
6. Optimize the export image feature
1) Remove the error message from exporting.
2) Add jpg format to the save format of [Save As], which is convenient for users to use for viewing and sharing.

7. Optimized the display style of the arrows, brackets, and shapes in the flowchart
The arrows, brackets, and shapes involved in the flowchart were redesigned and the presentation was optimized.

8. Add Automatic Distribution to the upper toolbar
The upper toolbar automatically adjusts the number of display buttons based on the width of the screen. Some of the function buttons will be automatically received in "..." on small screen.
9. Optimize text tool features
1) In the text tool, copy and paste operations are supported by long press.

2) Fix the display problem of Symbol font.

10. Adjust the position of [Proof and Zoomer].
Add [Proof and Zoomer] menu in [Settings] as separate part.